AfriGen | The AfriGen Network
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Welcome to our network of AfriGen Influencers!

We are generation Africa and we are telling our stories

What We Do & How It Works

An influencer marketing agency that connects brands with influential African bloggers.

We’re a growing community of bloggers, vloggers, and influencers inspired by culture, style, and Africa.

Are you an influencer?

Our AfriGen Influencers are today’s most talented, trendiest, and engaging influencers in the Afrodiaspora. We represent bloggers, famous instagrammers, and social media’s most sought-after food photographers.


We offer you paid opportunities with respected brands.


As an influencer, you know that brands want to work with you. And you ALSO know that there are all kinds of ways to monetize your awesome, unique, compelling, and really pretty content.
We want to help you do just that. With integrity, with authenticity, with creativity . . . and with fun.


If you meet our guidelines, register as an influencer and we’ll match brands we love with publishers like yourself. Doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, we work with brands in fashion, parenting, lifestyle, food, DIY, beauty, and home decor who want to reach you.

Are you a Brand who wants to work with our influencers?