AfriGen | What We Do
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Our campaigns are as diverse as our network of publishers and social influencers. From content creation to marketing and PR to market surveys, AfriGen Media & Communications has a program for every objective and budget.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Key content creators can help your brand connect with the afrodiaspora audience by producing quality content across a variety of media platforms. We can help you identify the best content creators (bloggers, YouTubers, and social influencers) for your campaign. We can also match your brand with an exceptional brand ambassador or spokesperson who has a strong social following. Our roster of social influencers from around the afrodiaspora is brimming with talent from various content verticals who are repeatedly recognized for their editorial excellence, unique voices, and ability to influence a widespread afropolitan audience.

Brand Ambassadors

Need a brand ambassador or spokes person who can deliver, and get your brand in front of thousands of people at the click of a button? We’ve got you covered. Work with us and we can partner your brand with the perfect professional content creators in parenting, lifestyle, food, fashion, design, craft, DIY, beauty and fitness. Our roster of professional publishers will connect your brand to their audiences in a meaningful, organic way that sparks conversation and builds genuine relationships.

Brand Experiences & Events

We know the value of engaging with Africans in the diaspora in real time. Our company knows how to generate excitement and get people talking about your brand. We’ll work with you to create intimate live events with bloggers and social influencers that get results. Our influencers are skilled at weaving your brand into a short entertaining video or webisode for YouTube, Vine and Instagram. We can make it happen.

Video Production

We work with some of the best to create video content that conveys your brand creatively and moves the needle on your marketing efforts. With us, you’ll get creative direction, and vision that brings your message to life on film. Whether you need a 6 second clip or a full webisode AfriGen Media & Communications will work with you from concept to finished product. See samples of our work 

Real Time Marketing & Public relations

We know that brands must strategically insert themselves in the heat of the moment, not once its passed. AfriGen Media & Communications has it’s finger on the pulse of the afrodiaspora. We are constantly plugged into cultural conversations and are ready when opportunity strikes for our clients. We specialize in strategic PR planning, media Outreach, influencer marketing, Ad buying and event sponsorship marketing.

Content Development

Our company is built on storytelling. We are embedded in the narrative of the African diaspora. From blogs to podcasts, we are content creators too and we know what it takes to create great content. We know all too well that the best brands are the best storytellers. We can help you craft your story, and share it with the world.

Market Research

Talk to us, tell us what you’re trying to understand about this demographic and we’ll get you answers. With our unique approach to market research. We give you the tools, information, and resources to better understand, develop, create, produce, and distribute original branded content.

Let’s talk about your brand. How can we help promote it online?