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About This Project


ReelAfrican, a video-on-demand service that streams films, documentaries, and TV series from all over Africa and the diaspora, needed market research on media consumption habits of their target market; Africans in the U.S. AfriGen Media and Communications successfully conducting online, phone and in-person surveys to sample the market and research trends and habits of this client’s target market.


Our research and understanding of this niche market coupled with our knack for strategy produced thorough market research and an executable strategic marketing and PR plan for ReelAfrican to follow for lasting results.


Outstanding results:

– We helped our client identify content that better aligned with its target market
– We obtained a perfectly aligned brand ambassador for ReelAfrican
– Created a brand experience that served as it;s launch into the U.S. market
– Brokered partnerships that increased brand visibility in the States



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